Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Deemer Dollars

Day 18/366

It's mid-term time in our home and my daughter took two of them today, Honors Trig & Pre-Calc and Honors Government and Economics.  I can remember taking those things and I don't envy my daughter but we all have to do it!

So tomorrow is CP Literature and her favorite class, CP Chemistry.  In her chemistry class, she can earn Deemer Dollars (that colorful spread in front of her face) for getting an A on a test, not using it because you did not do your homework and for being in class all week, each week.  So she has accumulated 23 Deemer Dollars, each one worth 2 points, that she can apply to her mid-term grade. Basically buying an A.  If it's offered, take it, that's my thought!

Regardless of the Deemer Dollars, she has 96 in the class and I am sure she will do well!

Here is her new favorite "bop"....take a listen....LOL

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