Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 15 - HDR

What is HDR?  High Dynamic Range imaging.  What does it mean?  Yeah, I am still trying to figure it all out but I know I need to learn more about it.  The link below will give you the basics but know my camera has some abilities I have not even unlocked yet and this will be something I work on more as the year progresses.

So what is HDR?

I chose the daffodils in my garden as my first HDR model and for a first time shot, I was pretty pleased.  I was trying to avoid the "Out of This World" looks.  While it did go well on a shot of down town Pittsburgh I did recently, it wouldn't have done so for my flowers.

Have you taken the time to stop and admire the beauty around you?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 14 - Night

Welcome to PNC on the coldest night of Opening Week.  Below freezing at game time which was not made any better by the fact that we were there on Buc Night.  $1 tickets, hot dogs and popcorn.  We thought there should have been $1 Hot Chocolate as well!

On a normal game night (warm baseball weather normal) this section of the ballpark would be filled with people getting food and drinks, talking or using the rest rooms.  Tonight, everyone was huddled under blankets in their seat or in the rest rooms where there were heaters!

The Bucco's gave us a WIN for our pain and suffering in the cold that night but we cannot wait for it to be WARM

Let's Go Bucs!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 13 - Playing With Light

Thank goodness for an observant child.  This week was a challenge with rain and clouds and cold and trying to get creative with light.  I was just about to head down "Candle Road" when Daniel noticed how cool the shadows looked just inside our door.  The textured plaster with the colors from the sun setting made for an interesting capture.

Sometimes, it's worth the wait....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 12 - Plains, Trains & Automobiles

I set out on a cold March day, down to the North Shore of Pittsburgh to look for inspiration for several projects I am working on.  Everything was still very brown and while I did get a few shots I needed, I was not feeling it.  I tried shooting some moving cars and ended up overexposing the shots.

Once I got home and reviewed everything, the more I looked at the "bad" shots, the more I liked it.  It almost looks like a colored pencil drawing.  Sometimes an "Opps" can be a good thing!

Life is too short for traffic.
~Dan Bellack