Thursday, February 4, 2016

This Is How I Roll.......

Day 33/366

By far, one of my favorite foods in all the world, sushi!  I also happen to work just down the block from one of the best sushi restaurants in Pittsburgh, Little Tokyo.  I also have, by far, some of the dearest colleagues who like to share the love of sushi, both in person and with gift cards!

Frank and John, you two are the best because even a great day, is made better with sushi for lunch!

Sushi is also a beautiful food that is lovely to photograph.  I believe the itamae is an artist.  Someone who spends years learning their craft to earn that title.  I have eaten and photographed some amazing sushi dishes over the year but my favorite combo is right here at home.  The Maki Combo Deluxe.....avocado roll, tuna roll and eel roll!  It's what's for lunch!

Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything.
~Nobu Matsuhisa

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