Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's How We Roll


So this is not the best photo ever, but it is the best photo of the best thing from New Jersey.

Pork Roll!  Food of the Gods if you are from New Jersey.  Sliced thick with an egg and cheese on a kaiser roll.  Better yet, a nice thick slice on top of your burger with cheese....we call that a Jersey Burger.

Thanks to a dear friend and his wife, this 6 pounds of total deliciousness is all mine in exchange for some Girl Scout Cookies.  I say all mine, but my kids have learned to love Pork Roll (the bacon of the future as they used to call it) so a 6 pound roll does not last forever, but it gets us through.

I think I feel grilled pork roll and cheese in my future!

New Jersey.....because you cannot get Pork Roll anywhere else!

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