Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flowers From Oz

Day 5/366

You can't go wrong with flowers.  No matter what the occasion or just because, they are a beautiful sentiment.  Today I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet from my dear friend Jodie, her bacon fetish husband Andy, horse loving daughter Madi and George the cat.

When I opened the bouquet, the first part of the card I saw said George and my heart did a leap because I had no clue who George was and why would he be sending me flowers (well, yes, it is my birthday but really, I only know two George's and neither one have my address....LOL).

Then I took a good look at the card and drew a sigh of relief!  Birthday flowers from Oz!  What a wonderful surprise and it gives me beautiful colors to photograph over the next few gray days of the month!

Thank you Jodie, Andy, Madi and George....they are just beautiful!

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